How to save your car during monsoons?

The monsoon season in Pakistan only means more trouble. The heavy spells that are predicted in the upcoming days mean blockages of roads and heaps of water clogged on every road. Ultimately leading it to traffic jams. It is better to devise a contingency plan to save ourselves and our belongings from urban flooding.

At times like these, it is essential to avoid travelling, it will only stack up more bills. If the situation transition into a worst-case scenario, how are we to save our cars. Because after every rain, our cars started to make noises, the clutch gets loose, the car stinks and the list goes on.

A few tips that can help you to avoid unnecessary damage to your car are as follow.

1. Tune in to radios and check Google maps to avoid running into clogged roads.
2. If your road is steep or under a hill, it is better to park your car on the main street.
3. Water accumulates more on the shoulder of the road so it is wise to drive in the center.
4. In case of a heavy downpour open your hazard lights on, it is better for the pedestrians, other drivers and for your safety.
5. Clogged water on the roads can enter the engine which causes it to seize, it’s better to drive your car at low and constant speed on 1st and 2nd gear by using a half clutch to avoid the water entering your engine.

However, we understand the phrase prevention is better than cure. It is important to get your car insured beforehand to avoid accidents. With Adamjee motor insurance you get insurance and tracking services, a complete package to avoid harm’s way. The retail services are providing the same package for used cars as well. Get your car assured with reliable and best insurance to avoid taking unnecessary damage.


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