Confidentiality of the policy

Nonpublic personal information is a valuable asset, has a competitive value and is of a confidential nature. Under this policy AICL will not disclose the nonpublic personal information of the clients who visit our web site. AICL also restricts access to nonpublic personal information in respect of products or services of the client to those who are interested of this information. AICL is equipped with technical know-how in maintaining the confidentiality of the clients’ nonpublic personal information.

Links to other sites

AICL web site has developed links to other website to provide services to clients. AICL shall be, however, not responsible of the confidentiality procedure adopted by the other websites. AICL shall provide accurate information to the clients but shall not be liable in respect of the information through other websites. Clients are required to take necessary precautionary measures for any loss/damages caused directly or indirectly whether incidental or consequential and or damages incurred by viruses, worms, malicious and other items of the destructive nature.


Clients/Employees/Users shall not disseminate, copy, distribute AICL logo, trade mark and other proprietary rights without prior written permission from AICL. Usage of all other product logos of AICL is also not permitted without prior permission from competent authority. AICL has exclusive rights to grant permission to distribute or display such materials.

Social Media

Marketing AICL on Social media is allowed only to authorized personnel/depts. of AICL. Public at large and AICL employees in no way can use AICL logo or develop content about AICL (Pages/Groups/profiles etc.) on social media websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. AICL employees are encouraged to pass their suggestions and feedback to the Social Media team at

E-mail communication

E-mail information is always available and open to third party on the internet. Clients are required to be cautious while sending sensitive information via e-mail.

Software Licenses

Information available or provided by AICL on its website comes under export control laws and regulations. The clients are under obligation not to transfer or export the software in violation of the export controls laws and regulations. AICL does not authorize the downloading or exportation of any software or technical data from this website to any jurisdiction prohibited by such export controls laws and regulations.


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